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Dear AVF Members.

We recently informed you of serious concerns about the impact that the proposed CMS PFS will have on your practices if it goes into effect without modification Jan 1, 2022.  This could result in a MORE THAN 20% reduction in CMS payments to some of you.  AVF leadership is working collaboratively with a group of professional societies to better understand the proposals and to have them changed!  These rules are lengthy and complex. As we work through this administrative crisis, we believe it is important for our members to understand that there are many aspects of this proposed rule. While you are welcome to review the 804 page document of the proposed rule (published in the Federal Register on July 23, 2021 – Docket number CMS-1751-P) or the CMS fact sheet, the AMA has provided a summary that, though still a bit technical, provides a good summary of the potential impacts to the provider community as a whole.

Be assured that the Health Policy Committee and AVF Leadership are advocating on your behalf.  

Mark Iafrati

Chair AVF Health Policy Committee