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Dear AVF Members,
This week the Centers for Medicare Services (CMS) circulated their annual proposed rule which lays out their vision for physician reimbursement for 2022. This is a complex document which will be examined by most professional societies in the coming weeks and is subject to comment and revision.

Please know that while the AMA is a voice for all of our country’s physicians, the AVF leadership reads these documents with a more focused view of its impact on venous practitioners. An initial review of this Proposed Rule shows a potential decrease in vascular surgery payments of approximately 6% in 2022. This pay cut is among the most severe of any specialty. The underlying cause of this inequitable pay cut relates primarily to arcane rules governing the “practice expense” calculations.

The text of the proposed rule can be accessed here, and links to the press release and fact sheet are below:

CMS Press Release
Physician Fee Schedule Fact Sheet

Rest assured that your AVF leadership in collaboration with our likeminded surgical/venous societies will fully review these proposals and advocate on your behalf for a fair payment plan which more appropriately values the care you provide, and the high level of practice expenses required to run your offices.


Mark Iafrati, MD
Chair, Health Policy Committee
[email protected]