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AVF Membership Benefits


The AVF is recognized as one of the world’s leading organizations in educating physicians, health professionals and the public.

Annual Meeting

Attend the AVF’s Annual Meeting and receive CME credits or a Certificate of Attendance

Physicians In Training and Early Career Courses

Attend didactic and clinical sessions to improve venous knowledge and skills

Venous Online

Access AVF’s digital resources including our video library, webinars, and annual meeting content


Receive targeted relevant practical information on a variety of venous topics


The AVF provides unparalleled opportunities to fund, conduct, present and share your venous and lymphatic research.

Present at the AVF Annual Meeting

Present your research findings and be considered for publication in the JVS-VL

AVF-BSCI Translational Research Grant

Advance your research career through this prestigious grant that funds an original, translational research project

AVF- NIH/NHLBI Research Award

Boost your research career development with this AVF supplement to an eligible NHLBI venous research award

AVF-JOBST Clinical Research Grant

Advance your research career through this prestigious grant that funds an original, clinical research project


The AVF provides members with important resources to support our members practices and assist our members in providing care for their patients.

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Access to the latest guidelines developed by AVF Experts to assist you in your venous practice. Members have opportunities to serve on these writing groups

Venous Policy Navigator

Tool to reduce denials, receive appropriate reimbursement and increase authorization efficiency

Find a Vein Specialist

Enhance your visibility to patients and health care practitioners in search of venous experts

Patient Education Materials Developed by AVF Member Experts

Access and make available to your patients:

Patient consent forms in both English and Spanish (free for members)

Patient brochures including disease state and procedural information

AVF’s digital library

Venous Classification Workbooks

Improve your understanding and application of venous classification systems for lower leg (CEAP) and pelvic venous disease (SVP) with these two digital workbooks.


The AVF is considered the global leader in venous and lymphatic disease and provides opportunities for professional growth.


Network and establish lifelong relationships with your peers and leaders in the field

Serve on Committees and Writing Groups

Members are encouraged to volunteer on AVF Committees and Writing Groups to share your voice in the advancement of the society and profession

Career Center

Explore career opportunities and post job openings at your practice or institution

Mentorship Program

Members are encouraged to sign up as mentors or mentees

Travel Scholarship

Apply for travel scholarships to attend the AVF Annual Meeting

AVF-Juzo Traveling Fellowship

Apply for funded travel to meet with, and learn from, some of the brightest researchers, educators, and practitioners in the field of venous and lymphatic disease

Give Back

Donate to the American Venous Forum to help provide needed resources that will advance the AVF’s mission


The AVF provides a wealth of printed and digital materials to inform and educate, practitioners and their patients.


Receive a digital subscription to the Journal of Vascular Surgery – Venous and Lymphatic Disorders, the AVF’s official journal and leading venous publication (Print version is available at a nominal annual cost)


Receive the AVF’s monthly digital newsletter. Members are encouraged to contribute content

Access information and resources to support your practice and help your patients. This includes a special members-only section

AVF Exchange

Access an exclusive online community, exchange technical and clinical information, share best practices, and advance your venous knowledge


The AVF advocates for our members, your patients, and the public through our Health Policy Committee and collaborations with other organizations. By raising our collective voices, we help ensure patients have access to the highest quality of care, help increase access to care for the underserved, and help our members receive appropriate reimbursement for the services they provide.

Directly communicate with policy makers through our Health Policy Committee

We provide constructive feedback to payers across the country with a unified expert opinion. Contact our HPC directly with issues or questions you may have

Collaborate with other Key Stakeholders

AVF collaborations amplifies your voice on behalf of all venous patients

Representation on the AMA’s Specialty and Service Societies

AVF has established a seat on the SSS which enables us to influence appropriate access, coding, and reimbursement for venous procedures



Participate as an investigator and enroll patients in a national clinical trial

Vascular Quality Improvement (VQI)

Provide quality improvement data and access a national registry in venous stents, IVC filters and varicose veins

Intersociety Collaboration

Collaborate with regional, national, and international organizations to advance the venous mission of the AVF

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