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Dear AVF Members,

It is with great pleasure that I share with you the exciting development that the American Venous Forum and the NIH-funded Chronic Venous Thrombosis: Relief with Adjunctive Catheter-Directed Therapy (C-TRACT) trial have entered into a path-breaking partnership. In one of the first such ventures ever, the AVF will partner with an NIH-funded trial to contribute its expertise, perspective, and work-effort to advance its success.

The C-TRACT is a large, well-designed study of endovascular therapy for post thrombotic syndrome (PTS). The goal of the study is to understand whether the image-guided procedures reduce the severity of PTS and improve quality of life of our patients. The long-term safety and costs of the endovascular procedures are also being evaluated. Findings from the study will certainly provide new information on optimal ways to care for patients with PTS. There are 23 clinical centers already participating in C-TRACT, but there is room for more.

has a long tradition of uninterrupted leadership in promoting evidence-based
decision-making in venous and lymphatic disease. It has led the way in
supporting the generation of high-quality data to determine the best ways to
diagnose and treat venous disease. AVF already sponsors the largest Society research
grant dedicated solely to venous and lymphatic disorders. It has developed the
diagnostic tools (CEAP, VCSS) and guidelines (Varicose vein treatment, Venous
ulcer treatment, Compression) that inform worldwide care for venous patients. In
addition, it has developed and supports the most active Venous Registry through
the voluntary support of its membership. Data from its over 20,000 cases are
now beginning to impact venous care quality and effectiveness.

Expanding on that tradition, AVF has signed an agreement with C-TRACT led by Suresh Vedantham MD, to leverage its distinctive knowledge and resources to increase awareness of the study, assist the study leadership in identifying investigators and sites to participate in the study, encourage enrollment in the trial, and promote best practices for study conduct. By becoming a member of the Board of C-TRACT, AVF is now a true partner of the trial and has a stake in its success. It will utilize its communication resources (including the VEIN SPECIALIST, e-mail blasts to its membership, its website, and social media channels) to communicate real-time updates and assistance with trial activities. Soon, we will share trial resources and programs developed by the C-TRACT (Mobile Referral App and trial materials). Most importantly, for its members, the AVF will create opportunities for you to share and discuss the relevance, rationale, protocol and need for a trial such as C-TRACT at our multiple meeting venues (VENOUS2020AVF Annual Meeting, Fall and Spring AVF Fellows’ Courses, AVF sessions at multiple other Society meetings, and its scientific journal, the JVS-VL). In the coming weeks and months, we will share more updates on the efforts and opportunities for membership participation. Meanwhile, for those of you who are interested, please mark your calendars for March 1-2, 2020 when AVF and C-TRACT are working to co-host the C-TRACT Annual Investigator Meeting as part of the VENOUS2020Meeting of the American Venous Forum, the week-long celebration of all things Venous. This will be immediately followed by the Annual Scientific Meeting of AVF March 3-6, 2020.

Brajesh K Lal, MD
President, American Venous Forum
Professor, Vascular Surgery, University of Maryland School of Medicine
Chief, Vascular Service, Baltimore VA Medical Center
Director, Center for Vascular Research, University of Maryland
PI, NIH Vascular Imaging Core Facility, University of Maryland
PI, CREST-2 Registry (C2R), Co-PI, CREST-2

Dr. Brajesh K. Lal, MD