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AVF VENOUS2024 IVUS Case Competition

The American Venous Forum is accepting submissions for our VENOUS2024 IVUS Case Competition.  This program is dedicated to the future generation of physician leaders and to provide them with a platform to showcase their clinical expertise and positively influence the wider physician community through their winning case studies.

Case Study Topic
We welcome you to submit a ~7 minute case study in PowerPoint format that highlights “Noteworthy Cases Incorporating Philips IVUS to Diagnose and Treat Venous Pathology.”

The four highest scoring submissions will be invited to present their case live at the American Venous Forum’s 36th Annual Meeting in Tampa, Florida on Sunday, March 3, 2024, either in-person or virtually.  A winner will be selected by a panel of judges and audience voting.

The four finalists will receive complimentary registration to the AVF 2024 Annual Meeting.

The winner will receive:

  • One year of AVF Membership
  • Complimentary registration to the AVF 2025 Annual Meeting in Atlanta, Georgia
  • Scholarship to attend and present their case at the AVF 2024 Fellows Course in Venous Disease.
  • Their case will be featured in the next version of the Philips Venous IVUS Tutor App (Available in the Apple Store or Google Play)

Multiple submissions are allowed per person, but an individual can only be one finalist.

Submission deadline:

All applications must be submitted by Friday, December 22, 2023 at 5:00 pm, CT to [email protected].


All medical Residents, Fellows and recently graduated physicians (within their first 3 years of practice), both in the US and internationally.

Risk for disqualification: applicants must remove any personal identifiers (i.e., their name, institution, fellowship director, etc.) within the PPT deck to remain anonymous during the double-blinded grading process. NPIs must be used instead.

Finalists will be driven by scores in the following categories:

35 points Quality
Image and data integrity
25 points Structure and organization
Presentation flow and review, co-registration, understandability, ease of review of case
20 points Clinical Relevance
How many people is this going to effect? Is it pertinent to current treatment standards?
10 points Post-treatment/follow-up
Procedural success endpoints
10 points Publishable
What is the chance this will be published? Combination of originality and study design

American Venous Forum IVUS Case Competition Winner

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