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November/December Issue of vein specialist

Membership Building 
A World Without Boundaries

Table of Contents

Steve Elias, MD 

John Forbes, MBA 

Allie Woodward 

Anthony Eaves

Message from the Editor

Steve Elias, MD

Editor-in-Chief, Vein Specialist

Meet the AVF Membership Committee

The AVF Membership Committee is a group of volunteers appointed by the AVF Board of Directors. We meet monthly to develop strategies to grow AVF Membership and to connect better with our members.

Windsor Ting, MD

Practices in New York City
Professor, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Anil Hingorani, MD

Practices in New York City
Clinical Professor, NYU Grossman School of Medicine

Mona Li, MD

Practices in Milwaukee, WI
Assistant Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin

Linda Le, MD

Practices in Houston, TX
Assistant Professor, Houston Methodist, Weill Cornell Medical College

Lorraine Loretz, DPM, NP

Practices in Northborough, MA

Sherry Scovell, MD

Practices in Danvers, MA
Assistant Professor of Surgery, Harvard Medical School

Kathleen Ozsvath, MD

Chief of Surgery, Samaritan Hospital, NY
Board Member, AVF

Juan Carlos Jimenez, MD, MBA

Practices in Los Angeles
Clinical Professor, UCLA

Pamela Kim, MD

Practices in Framingham, MA

Victor Canata, MD, PhD

Practices in Paraguay
Clinical Professor, Hospital De Clinicas, Universidad Nacional De Asuncion, Paraguay

Young Erben, MD

Practices in Jacksonville, FL
Associate Professor, Mayo Clinic Florida

Pavel Kibrik, MD

Graduate of NYIT College Osteopathic Medicine, contemplating a career in vascular surgery

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