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Physician Membership

US/National – $575
International – $425*
Recent Graduate (first 3 years of practice) – $270
Senior Member (Members who were granted Senior Status prior to the March 2024 Bylaws change will still receive complimentary membership) – $50.00

Membership Criteria:

Physician Membership is comprised of:

  1. National and International physicians
  2. Certified as either an M.D. or D.O. by a recognized certifying board in the applicant’s country of practice in the Field, and
  3. Who have acquired additional skills in the Field either though recognized fellowship program training in the Field or clinical experience demonstrating an interest in and contribution to the field
  4. Scientists recommended by the Membership Committee who have demonstrated involvement in and a commitment to the Field through research, study, scholarship, or teaching
  5. Membership dues are $575 per year for US/National Members, $425 per year for International Members*, and $270 per year for recent graduates (first 3 years of practice)

* International physicians practicing in these countries are eligible to receive $225 off annual membership dues

Physician Members shall have full membership rights and privileges including the right to vote if dues are paid by the specified deadline for voting qualification, and to serve as an officer and on the Board of Directors of the Corporation as a director.

You will be asked to upload:

  • Curriculum Vitae which includes education, certifications, and medical license, teaching and hospital appointments, and a list of the applicant’s publications pertaining to venous or lymphatic disease

Senior Membership Criteria:

Senior membership shall be open to:

  1. Physician Members (US and International) who have attained age 70, have been members for at least five (5) consecutive years, and have attended at least three (3) of the past ten (10) Annual Meetings of the AVF, and are retired or such other Physician Members whom the Executive Committee approves for membership in such class due to health infirmity or other just cause. 
  2. Senior Members shall have Physician Membership rights and privileges including the right to vote
  3. Senior Members who were granted Senior Status prior to the March 2024 Bylaws change shall not be required to pay dues. Members who were granted senior status after the March 2024 bylaws change will be required to pay $50.00 annual dues. Senior Members shall not be bound by any meeting attendance requirements that may apply to members of other classes

Please submit your Senior Membership request to [email protected] along with proof of age. If you are not at least 70 years of age, you must submit a letter addressed to the Executive Committee regarding health infirmity or other just cause.

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