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Distinguished Fellow Members

The Distinguished Fellow Membership category was created and voted into the Bylaws at the 2014 Annual Meeting. The first group of inaugural members became Distinguished Fellows at the 2015 Annual Meeting. Distinguished Fellows are AVF Members who have enhanced AVF by volunteering for committees, volunteering as meeting Faculty, provided educational enhancement for trainees, and/or advanced venous disease by research or education. Click here for more information or to apply for Distinguished Fellow Status.

AVF Distinguished Fellow Member Roster

  • Jose Almeida, MD
  • Pier Luigi Antignani, MD
  • Efthimios Avgerinos, MD
  • Faisal Aziz, MD
  • John Blebea, MD
  • Ruth Bush, MD
  • Patrick Carpentier, MD
  • Rabih Chaer, MD
  • Anthony Comerota, MD
  • Michael Dalsing, MD
  • Prof. Alun Davies
  • Kush Desai, MD
  • Jose Diaz, MD
  • Steve Elias, MD
  • Antonios Gasparis, MD
  • Kathleen Gibson, MD
  • Monika Gloviczki, MD
  • Peter Gloviczki, MD
  • Edmund Harris, Jr., MD
  • Anil Hingorani, MD
  • Glenn Jacobowitz, MD
  • Lowell Kabnick, MD
  • Manju Kalra, MD
  • Lois Killewich, MD
  • Soohyun Kim, MD
  • Brajesh Lal, MD
  • Joann Lohr, MD
  • Fedor Lurie, MD
  • William Marston, MD
  • Elna Masuda, MD
  • Robert McLafferty, MD
  • Mark Meissner, MD
  • Robert Merchant, MD
  • Daniel Monahan, MD
  • Gregory Moneta, MD
  • Nick Morrison, MD
  • Patrick Muck, MD
  • Thomas O’Donnell, MD
  • Alvaro Orrego, MD
  • Kathleen Ozsvath, MD
  • Frank Padberg, MD
  • Peter Pappas, MD
  • Marc Passman, MD
  • Lori Pounds, MD
  • Alessandra Puggioni, MD
  • Joseph Raffetto, MD
  • Seshadri Raju, MD
  • Viktor Rapovka, MD
  • John E. Rectenwald, MD
  • Michael Ricci, MD
  • Andre M. van Rij, MD
  • Thom Rooke, MD
  • Marlin Schul, MD
  • Julianne Stoughton, MD
  • Windsor Ting, MD
  • Ramesh Tripathi, MD
  • Jorge Hernando Ulloa Herrera, MD
  • Michael Vasquez, MD
  • Suresh Vedantham, MD
  • Thomas Wakefield, MD
  • Harold Welch, MD
  • Takashi Yamaki, MD
  • Steven Zimmet, MD
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