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American Venous Forum Foundation

American Venous Forum Foundation LogoThe American Venous Forum Foundation (AVFF) was founded to promote venous and lymphatic health by raising funds for the AVF. The AVFF mission is to inspire Healthy Veins for Healthy Life. Support for the AVF Foundation:

  • Increased education and awareness of venous disease among healthcare professionals.
  • Supported cutting-edge research and clinical innovation in venous and lymphatic disease that will advance patient care.
  • Promoted evidence-based best practices to ensure patients have access to the highest quality care.
  • Educated those who are unaware of venous and lymphatic disease, increased access to care for the underserved, and reduced DVT in high-risk patients.

Healthy Veins for Healthy LifeIn late 2021, the decision was made to merge the AVF and AVF Foundation into a single 501(c)(3) organization.  Changes in tax law over the years and the increased efficiency of a single organizations eliminated the need for a separate 501(c)(6) society (the AVF) a separate 501(c)(3) foundation (the AVFF.)

In 2022, the “new” AVF will continue their emphasis on the four pillars of “Healthy Veins for Healthy Life” – Practitioner Education, Research, Evidence-Based Best Practices, and Education & Access to Care for the Underserved.

We would like to recognize and thank our final AVF Foundation Board of Directors as well as our AVFF Presidents over the years.


2020 AVFF Board of Directors

Harold Welch, MD – President
Scott Centea – Vice President
Joe Raffetto, MD – Treasurer
Catherine Jennings – Secretary
Antonios Gasparis, MD – AVF President
Harold Welch, MD – AVF Past President
Elna Masuda, MD – Director
Dan Monahan, MD – Director
Alessandra Puggioni, MD – Director
Thomas Wakefield, MD – Director
BK Lal, MD – Director
Jose Diaz, MD – Director
Cassius Ochoa-Chaar, MD – Director
Tara Dunn – Director
Dan Reuvers – Director
Eric Cohen – Director
Bradley Moseley – Director
Denysse Castaneda – Director
Annerose Zorn-West – Director


AVF Foundation Presidents

2021 Harold Welch
2019-2020 Elna Masuda
2017-2018 Lowell Kabnick
2015-2016 Fedor Lurie
2013-2014 Peter Pappas
2011-2012 Joann Lohr
2010 Mark Meissner
2009 Michael Dalsing
2008 Thomas Wakefield
2007 Bo Eklof
2006 Frank Padberg
2005 Peter Gloviczki
2004 Gregory Moneta
2003 Anthony Comerota
2003 David Sumner
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